icon-user Kali (WEBMASTER) January 10th, 2017.

We’re so excited to release a new layout soon!


icon-user Kali (WEBMASTER) June 29th, 2016.

We updated our wordpress layout, but for some reason we lost all of our posts….I’m not really sure how that happened but we have a new layout (again) coming soon! Look forward to that, and our posts (again) and gallery updates!

icon-user Kali (WEBMASTER) January 4th, 2016.

Berkeley is in a beautiful video by Ntropic for The Trust for Public Land! Berkeley can be seen at the 40 second mark riding her longboard down The 606 in Chicago. Check the video below!

icon-user Kali (WEBMASTER) January 3rd, 2016.

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and new year! Beautiful Berkeley is getting a new layout designed, so be on the look out!

icon-user Kali (WEBMASTER) November 28th, 2015.

How cute is this adorable new Sears image? Loving it!